Work — Feature Article

 Dad left in the morning and came home at night. If he worked in a factory or in an office,  he carried a lunch bucket or a briefcase. Mom was home after doing housework all day and had dinner ready for the family when Dad arrived. Most people worked at the same job their entire life and then retired and received the proverbial gold watch. Today most everybody works somewhere and more often now, right from their home office or home business. Most of us will have at least two different careers in their lifetime if not more. There are no rigid business hours anymore, and with a global economy, one might even be on skype during our night to  accommodate a client half way around the world during their daytime hours.        Computers and cell phones made everyone much more accessible to  their work and have disconnected us from that time away from work.  Just where is work happening?        All of us need some time away from it.