Fun — Feature Article

I am bored. Not a new statement but one that makes any parent or even spouse cringe.  It becomes an obligation to draw on one’s creative ability to define and produce “fun”.    Go have some “fun”. How about going outside to play with your friends? Run through the sprinkler. Swing on the swing set.  We could have a “slumber party” (with no slumber). We rode our bikes all over town with no helmet and no cell phone. Our mothers just knew we would be home before supper, because we would be hungry and we just knew better. We played with Marbles, Jacks, and Pick up sticks. Board games were not boring and were usually played with extended family on an actual card table. Games such as Monopoly, Life, and Sorry are still played today.    “Fun” denoted a group activity and not being alone. We want to explore all types of vintage fun here. A game of croquet out on the lawn or a dinner party with friends could be a change from a restaurant or the latest video game. “Fun” can become, well “fun” again.