Fashion — Feature Article


Fashion in mid century America truly reflected society’s morals and values, I believe more than fashion does today. Students in public schools had stricter rules for attire than most do today.   In 2013 students at charter schools and a few public schools do wear uniforms, in midcentury school uniforms were worn by Catholic and private school students. People tended to dress up more for church and for the office, even for going out to restaurants. Men wore suits and hats, and women wore dresses with gloves, and matching shoes and handbags.   The “hippies”, the true protesting ones, not the dress alike ones, rebelled with their dress and wanted to stand out in a crowd. The popularity of the TV series Mad Men, has influenced our fashion today, as the show reminds all of us of a simpler time, although possibly politically incorrect.   Mid century style clothing is available at Target, Old Navy, and J.C. Penney’s. It is interesting to see what we can take and use from retro clothing styles.