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North Range Eye Care welcomes Optos Real Time Optical Imagery

North Range Eye Care welcomes Optos Real Time Optical Imagery

North Range Eye Care Center this week announced their new Optos retinal imaging technology that will allow real-time, broad range views of the eye.  North Range Eye Care is only one of 4,000 centers worldwide that possesses this state of the art technology. “We feel very fortunate to provide our community with this new technology,” […]

  10/04/13.  Get Interactive. Gateway Multimedia announces a major opportunity for Colorado businesses looking to promote themselves in-print and online as well as through their own community involvement.   The Gateway Multimedia interactive business promotional package s tarts at just $95/month but provides regional print advertising + web promotion + interactive media (which allows the […]

Work — Feature Article

 Dad left in the morning and came home at night. If he worked in a factory or in an office,  he carried a lunch bucket or a briefcase. Mom was home after doing housework all day and had dinner ready for the family when Dad arrived. Most people worked at the same job their entire […]

P.E. – Feature Article

P.E. or Physical Education was required in public schools during the mid century. The worst part of it was the ridiculous uniforms that we had to change into and then out of. Girls were required to wear dresses or skirts to school so it was necessary to be properly attired for sports activities.  President Eisenhower, […]

Weekends & Vacations – Feature Article

In the 1950s and 1960s, expansions in the American interstate highway system provided a newfound freedom to take vacations to neighboring states and even national destinations.  The Grand Canyon, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas were now achievable in less than a week by car.  Simultaneously, more neighboring state destinations could now be called, “day trips”.   […]

Fun — Feature Article

I am bored. Not a new statement but one that makes any parent or even spouse cringe.  It becomes an obligation to draw on one’s creative ability to define and produce “fun”.    Go have some “fun”. How about going outside to play with your friends? Run through the sprinkler. Swing on the swing set.  We […]

Holidays – Feature Aricle

Holidays in midcentury America were a combination of the traditional and modern. The optimism of the day and easier credit led to a surge in materialism and the great Christmas Wish Books (catalogs) were awaited with great anticipation, almost as much as the big man himself Santa Claus. During this time President Johnson had a […]

Fashion — Feature Article

  Fashion in mid century America truly reflected society’s morals and values, I believe more than fashion does today. Students in public schools had stricter rules for attire than most do today.   In 2013 students at charter schools and a few public schools do wear uniforms, in midcentury school uniforms were worn by Catholic and […]

Rx — Feature Story

Are you sick or not?”   In decades past, people (and even doctors) were just a little more blunt in their inquiries as well as in their rendered opinions.  In the 50s and 60s, for example, you might have been prescribed merely a bit of iodine and a band aid to fix what ailed you. But […]

Pets – Feature Article

Pets have always been part of our families. In the US, 62% of all homes have pets, mostly cats and dogs. We take better care of our furry family members now in 2013 than in past decades, most are very pampered now. Most of us have pets in pairs, two cats or two dogs. In […]

Around the House – Feature Article

My fondest memories of my mid modern childhood centered around home. Our kitchen was small compared to kitchens of today, but it was full of love. A lot more meals were prepared at home, and baking was a weekly event. Not many dishwashers except for the ones standing with a dishrag or dishtowel, and not […]

The Weather Men (Perfect Temp Geothermal)

Owner Chris Messner says that there is one thing he cares about most and it’s “taking pride in the quality of my work”.    Actually, he also says, “it’s my wife and kids, but my work takes a close second!” Chris moved here to Colorado in 2003 and founded Perfect Temp because he genuinely cares […]

The Real World Classroom — Primrose Schools

Primrose Schools is a recognized community leader in early childhood education with real world learning opportunities.  From fundraising   initiatives to grocery shopping projects, Primrose Schools is all about childhood development excellence.   Primrose Schools fosters a growing environment rich with resources, educational training, and a caring staff that celebrates the importance of every child.   We attended          […]

Happy Days – In praise of School Life

Few people actually maintain a portfolio of pictures, letters, and yearbooks.  But for some, these represent a memoir of the most important days of their lives.  Editor Kathy McIntyre’s ‘wonder years’ are herein a visual work of student photos from grade school to high school graduation.  As apparent as is the change in clothing and […]

Bucci Italian – the real deal

The Real Deal.   We spent an evening with ‘Bucci Italian’, Brighton’s newest authentic Italian restaurant (Brighton Pavilions). Bucci’s is an exquisite restaurant with a made-from-scratch ethic that’s endured decades of generational culinary influence. “It’s as good as New York” is a high bar for any restaurant but it’s also a frequent comment at Bucci’s, where […]

America’s Drive-In

Sonic was founded in the early 1950s.  The Oklahoma City restaurant chain serves approximately 3 million customers per day.  Known for its carhops on rollerskates, the restaurant chain was ranked 10th in QSR Magazine’s rankings of the top-50 quick-service and fast-casual restaurant brands in the nation.  With a slogan of “America’s Drive-in”, Sonic has arguably […]

Serafini’s Pizza — the Oldest Pizzeria in Adams County (“Nothing’s changed since ’67)

Serafini’s Pizza is Adams County’s oldest pizzeria with roots dating to Italy and Venezuela, 1967.  Frank Serafini’s grandfather (far right, bottom in photo) helped instill a family restaurant legacy of remaining true to old world family recipes and traditional.  Frank Serafini learned the ‘ropes’ of the restaurant business as an apprentice at Serafini’s precursor restaurant, […]

Tread’s Bicycle Shop

Tread’s bicycle shop offers a full line of Trek and Canondale bicycles along with riding apparel, accessories, and a full service repair shop.   But the “new spirit” at Brighton’s historic 1907 train depot isn’t just a renewed infatuation with America’s favorite pastime.  Just ask Justin, Logan, and Sean about the mysterious doorbells and the radio […]

Berry Patch Farms

Berry Patch Farms is owned and operated by Tim Ferrell and his wife, Dr Claudia Ferrell.  Tim, a former minister and his wife, a pediatrician, manage Berry Patch Farms as a boutique farm that specializes in community offerings that include pick-your-own herbs, produce, and even flowers.  Berry Patch Farms offers organic produce and specialized offerings […]

Petrocco Farms

Petrocco Farms is the largest regional agricultural producer with clients that include King Soopers and Safeway Stores.  Regionally, Petrocco Farms also wholesales to local farm markets.  Petrocco Farms operates many regional farms in different geographical settings.  The decision was strategic, to help safeguard crops from threats that include flooding and hail.

Colorado’s Water Shed / Interview with Agfinity’s Chip Marks

Agriculture is Colorado’s second largest industry resulting in a $40 billion economic impact in our state each year.  Meanwhile, many of our farms suffer from inadequate water supplies during dry years while excess water flows across our borders during wet years.  A lack of critical water storage infrastructure in Colorado ensures that several million acre […]

Palizzi Farm Mule Team Exhibit

In a display exclusively for Gateway Magazine, Deb Palizzi, co-owner of Palizzi Farms in Brighton, helped assemble a two-mule team to pull an historic cart on the property of Palizzi Farm.   On a previous steamy day in Brighton this past July, Deb and Jose drove the mule team alongside their rows of fresh corn […]

Army Strong – A Day at the Races

Army Strong – A Day at the Races

July 20, 2013 The U.S. Army’s Racing Program isn’t something we were that familiar with — even after having worked with the Army for nearly a decade. But today we were privileged to be part of the Tony Schumaker Racing Team at Bandimere Speedway during the NHRA Nationals.   The U.S. Army is a sponsor […]

2013 Colorado Legislative Conservation Scorecard Released

DENVER – Conservation Colorado announced the release today of their 2013 Legislative Conservation Scorecard.  The 2013 Colorado legislature saw the passage of profound legislation that will move Colorado forward with innovative solutions to power our communities, advance clean transportation solutions and use our natural resources wisely. “The 2013 Colorado legislature was a historic and precedent […]

Call for entries of artwork for 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness Art Show

The 17th Judicial District Sexual Assault Response Team and the Victim Services Unit of Brighton Police Department are currently seeking artists who either are, or work with, survivors of sexual abuse/assault and would be interested in having their artwork on display for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.   The art show is intended to bring awareness […]