Around the House – Feature Article

M y fondest memories of my mid modern childhood centered around home.

Our kitchen was small compared to kitchens of today, but it was full of love. A lot more meals were prepared at home, and baking was a weekly event. Not many dishwashers except for the ones standing with a dishrag or dishtowel, and not as many small appliances graced the countertops, which were not granite. Meal times were set and kept and the table was set with cloth napkins and a tablecloth.

The living room was for living. This included reading, watching some TV, nightly family prayer, discussions, card and board games at an actual card table, the Christmas tree in December, and the infamous “birthday table” on your special day, where your special home baked and decorated cake sat with your presents and cards.

Bedrooms were for sleeping and dressing and homework. The closets were small but then again so was everyone’s wardrobe, not nearly as many clothes were bought and probably not needed as stay at home Mothers did laundry every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday. No TV or video games in the bedroom, but we did all have a transistor radio and a record player.  It was a simpler, less cluttered, physically and mentally, existence that would certainly lower everyone’s blood pressure in 2013.