10/04/13.  Get Interactive.

Gateway Multimedia announces a major opportunity for Colorado businesses looking to promote themselves in-print and online as well as through their own community involvement.   The Gateway Multimedia interactive business promotional package s

Gateway Interactive Business

Gateway Interactive Business

tarts at just $95/month but provides regional print advertising + web promotion + interactive media (which allows the community to view 24/7 interactive media including corporate calendars, photo galleries, coupon and business directories, etc.).

Strictly speaking, businesses lack the ‘depth’ of promotional exposure that they need to crack the marketplace.   They are often not known for their community involvement or interactive media (events, etc.) but for a static and often repetitive print ad that appears in advertisers and coupon mailers.

Secondly, businesses are often in a poor position to self-promote.   While they can get listed in online search engines, they capture merely the “searching” interests of potential customers, not the “browsing” interest.  This effect is most like customers walking past “Store A” in a shopping mall.   While it’s true that some customers will know exactly what they want when they enter the mall, Store A will pull the majority of its sales from “browsers” who walk past the store’s windows only to be enticed to come inside and shop.

Gateway Multimedia’s Interactive Business Packages allow businesses to be ‘browsed” on a 24/7 basis.  Long after the coupon advertiser hits the trash, enrolling businesses can retain an online portal presence perpetually.

The Gateway Multimedia Interactive Business Package can be previewed here (or email us at:  ccg@coloradobusinessalliance.com)