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'20 Questions' for Adams County Prosecutor & DA Hopeful, Dave Young

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'20 Questions' for Adams County Prosecutor & DA Hopeful, Dave Young

A Gateway News Article by Karl Emmerich. June, 2012. Adams County District Attorney, Don Quick had hoped to recruit a new prosecutor with particular experience in homicides from the Colorado Springs vicinity. Considerably larger than Adams County, the Colorado Springs jurisdiction held promise of a professional experienced in investigations and prosecutions of crimes our county is unfortunately becoming all-to-familiar with. Attorney, Dave Young, was nominated for the position, particularly because of his niched experience. But there’s more.

 Unusual, it is, for a district attorney’s office to prioritize crime prevention at least as much as it has under outgoing DA, Don Quick (a departure due to term limits), whose steadfast focus has balanced between education, youth counseling, and drug prevention.  But it was equally a tall order for a neighboring county to help augment Adams County’s community strides by recruiting a successor for Don Quick from their own ranks.

 But it worked.  A nominee actually did surface in the process, and with a surprisingly equal passion for partnering the community.  Dave Young is that nominee, now a prosecutor for Adams County and an as-yet unchallenged political hopeful for the elected position of Adams County District Attorney.  

 Dave Young is a prosecutor ready to walk what we believed to be a fine line between the prevention and prosecution of Adams County crime.  But as the crime stats have shown us, prevention and prosecutions are merely different rhythms of the same community stride, particularly as Dave helped to explain.        

 Crime is actually down in Adams County, with numbers boasting a 42% decrease in prosecuted youth offenses and an 84% decrease in direct filings (youth offenses treated as adult).   And that result seems at the very least related to the crime prevention policies and measures already instituted into the Adams County DA’s Office.

 But are the successes, themselves, laurels that effectively lower the bar for Adams County’s incoming DA?   One might otherwise think so.  It might indeed be easy enough to relax continued prevention efforts in lieu of past successes.  So we had to ask the obvious questions regarding Mr. Young’s motivation, passion and interest to keep Adams County moving positively forward.   And Dave Young’s answer was equally obvious —and direct:  “Crime prevention is our number one goal.” 

 But just for the record, Dave Young’s career record also hails of 21 years of combined experience as a DA and head of homicide – certainly ample experience to prosecute crime in Adams County.  His reasons for both accepting a prosecutorial position in our county and seeking to be a successor to Don Quick as DA are equally compelling: “Don has revolutionized the role of preventing crime.  I want to get the message out about keeping people out of the legal system...”

 Dave’s active and ongoing campaign in Adams County these days (in the absence of an opponent) is more a crusade for public awareness and involvement, but equally ambitious.  Armed with what seems to be an arsenal of youth programming and involvement opportunities, Dave Young’s smile and embracing nature are an obvious invite for residents to feel motivated about helping to make a positive difference in the future of our youth—and having fun doing so.

 We also had no idea that volunteer opportunities and youth academies have their place in the DA’s Office, but the “Policy of Prevention” doesn’t stop here, either.    Under the auspices of Dave Young’s administration, you can also expect a whole lot more than this, including a continuation of the Adams County Youth Initiative, scholastic partnerships, a citizens’ academy, and programs like “Safe 2 Tell” (the ultra-integrated schools program for no-questions-asked youth reporting of crimes and offenses).

 Dave Young is not about taking what’s obvious for granted, either – whether in prosecution or crime prevention.   As a prosecutor, Dave believes that criminal investigation needs to be a collaborative work effort between the DA’s Office and the local law enforcement agencies.  “By providing for a better work relationship early on in any investigation, we’re able to counsel and consult law enforcement teams and thereby provide for a greater successes in prosecutions...”  


Dave Young is committed toward working to preserve a transparent window between the policies of the DA’s Office and community collaboration over both crime prosecution and prevention.


(In November, 2012, Dave Young looks forward to becoming Adams County’s next District Attorney.  For more information about Dave Young, please go to:




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