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Adams County Advances Reform Commitment

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Adams County Advances Reform Commitment

Board Adopts Elected Officials Vehicle Policy




 The Adams County Board of Commissioners adopted an Elected Officials Vehicle Policy, effective Jan. 1, 2013, in today’s public hearing. The purpose of the policy is to fairly and responsibly compensate elected officials for transportation expenses associated with carrying out their official duties.




“In collaboration with our fellow elected officials, we accomplished what we set out to do,” said Chairman W. R. “Skip” Fischer. “With the unanimous support of the Board of County Commissioners, the county now has a vehicle policy for elected officials. We will continue to review, revise and revisit county policies to conform to the standards of good government.”




The elected officials subject to this policy are the Assessor, Clerk & Recorder, Commissioners and Treasurer. The Sheriff, District Attorney and Coroner are exempted from the policy due to their status as emergency first responders.




“The commissioners made the commitment to create a vehicle use policy four months ago,” said Commissioner Alice J. Nichol. “I am pleased to see the adoption of this policy come to fruition.”




Elected officials subject to this policy may choose one of three compensation options:




·           Turn in currently assigned vehicle and receive a monthly vehicle allowance of $600.00.


·           Continue to drive currently assigned vehicle, with deminimus personal use per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, until the vehicle is due for replacement. All vehicles will be equipped with government issued plates.


·           Turn in currently assigned vehicle and receive mileage reimbursement, at the current IRS rate, for use of personal vehicle.




Elected Officials who choose to drive county vehicles must adhere to all related policies, including the Car Wash Policy. Non-business use, including commute miles, shall be considered as normal income.




“We worked toward a common goal to achieve a responsible public policy outcome,” said Commissioner Erik Hansen. “The collaboration among the elected officials was highly productive and in the spirit of public accountability.”




Vehicles will be replaced according to the retirement schedule established by Fleet Management. The replacement vehicle will be one of the standard state-awarded models for a small or midsize all-wheel-drive sedan available in the replacement year. Retired vehicles will be sent to auction in accordance with purchasing policy. Elected officials or other county employees will not be allowed to purchase a vehicle from the county.


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