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Brighton Utilities Report -- March 7, 2013

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Brighton Utilities Report  -- March 7, 2013

Wastewater  Daily average Plant Influent Flow is 1.944 million gallons per day. Watershop  Collections Back-up – 205 S. 8th Ave – sewer back up jetted, roots and grease in line.  Ongoing projects – Assisted with Libretto Project- 24” raw water line.  Special Projects – 25th & Egbert – Storm water overflow, system inundated with snow melt.  Utility Locating – Responded and marked 76 utility locate requests.

RO Plant
    Feb. 24 through March 2, the average water demand was 2.36 million gallons per day.
    The peak day demand was 2.70 million gallons and this occurred on Saturday, March 2.
    4,551,000 gallons of water were treated during this period.
    7,446000 were received through the supplemental supply transmission line.
    For the week of Feb. 24, an average of 45% of the water consumed in the City of
Brighton was treated by the City of Thornton.
Utility Engineering
    24” raw wateline relocation at Libretto Senior Housing Apartments – A portion of the City’s
main water supply line to the water treatment plant is being relocated to make way for the Libretto
Senior Housing Apartments. Connection of the new waterline to the existing waterline occurred
February 22 and 23. Start up of the waterline occurred without any issues.
    Business License Review Program – 33 business/permit applications were reviewed on Innoprise
by the Stormwater Division for compliance with backflow, industrial pre-treatment and/or drainage
maintenance requirements.
    2013  Grease  Control  Program  –  There  are  total  of  130  restaurant  and  food
processing   facilities.   The   inspection   frequency   will   be   reduced   from   four
inspections per year, to two inspections per year. This inspection frequency is more adequate 
since  time  and  resources  are  needed  to  start  the  Sand-oil  Separator Program.
   2013 Sand-oil Separator Program – This is a new inspection program to be implemented at 60
automotive related facilities (including car washes, auto repair shops, warehouses, etc). Initially
two inspections per year would be ideal, but because the lack of time and resources, the goal will
be to perform at least one
inspection annually.

    2013  Storm  Sewer  Cleaning  –  Time  and  resources  will  be  directed  to  this program
throughout 2013. Significant improvements are expected. Storm inlet boxes and storm sewer pipelines
are in critical need of maintenance. Assistance from  the  Utilities  Maintenance  Division  will 
be  needed  to  implement  a successful program.

Water Resources
    Snowpack is a critical component to the City’s ability to fill reservoirs.  Current SWE (Snow
Water Equivalent) is at 65% of average (as of March 3) per SNOTEL.
    Reservoir storage:
    South Platte Basin is 48% full
    Beebe Draw Basin is 42% full

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