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Colorado Continues The March Forward To A Clean Energy Future

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Colorado Continues The March Forward To A Clean Energy Future

DENVER - Legislation to expand and strengthen Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard (RES), passed on 2nd reading late Friday night in the Colorado House by a voice vote. The measure's sponsors include House Speaker Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Denver), and Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), Senator Gail Schwartz (D- Snowmass).



The bill, SB13-252, increases Colorado's renewable energy standard for the cooperative electric associations, doubling the amount of renewable energy provided to customers across rural Colorado.

Coloradans from Durango to Steamboat Springs to Wray will see more jobs in their communities and more clean, renewable energy on the power grid.  These local, homegrown energy sources will help power our communities for future generations and speed Colorado’s transition away from dirty, fossil fuels.   

Colorado has made strengthening our commitment to clean, renewable energy a core part of our brand, and expanding and enhancing the renewable standard will keep our state open for business while ensuring Coloradans across the entire state will see the environmental and economic benefits.

SB-252 also marks a significant increase in Colorado's commitment to small scale, homegrown renewable energy such as rooftop solar and community wind farms. Distributed Generation (DG), or 'on-site' electricity, is produced right where we need it most, on homes, farms, and businesses. More locally generated electricity helps to avoid costly transmission upgrades and helps to stabilize the electricity grid, and by putting in place the first distributed requirement for rural Colorado this bill will ensure a market for a diversity of innovative, clean technologies will exist in all four corners of our state.

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