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20HO1W9IT  Candidate Repor ng.
           Resumes &
   WORKS!  registra ons sent to
           you for review

           The Placement Cycle. The Careercorps placement process is as efficient as it is effec ve. We pull from
           Colorado’s largest, most extensive network of candidates and provide them with a systema c
           introduc on to your company, culture, hiring prac ces, and open posi ons. Our online methods provide
           for their direct applica on and our ability to quickly assimilate candidate reports for your review. Upon
           your interest, we then fully op mize and prepare candidates to finalize their placement with your team.
           As a ma er of convenience, Careercorps offers three Interview-and-Hire venue op ons: 1) At-your-
           office, 2) At a monthly Hiring Venue (Lakewood, Colorado), or 3) In conjunc on with your open house.

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