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The answer is, ‘one bite at a time’

That being said, I am happy to report that tonight (only moments ago) the Commerce City Council has passed the 1st reading of Ordinance 1891which amends the city’s land development code to revise and add regulations relating to subsurface extraction and oil and gas exploration.  Colorado Oil and Gas made their anticipated appearance to express their dissatisfaction with our attempt at keeping our city safe.  This happens to be a huge bite out of the elephant we know as the oil and gas industry, showing them that our city council finally has some chutzpa and is willing to stand up to them.  Of course we were there along with an amazing group of fellow fracktivists from ALL over the front range….it was truly awesome to be in the company of good people fighting for “right.”  We wore white t-shirts with sky blue name badges so as to show a large, unified front….the entire left side was filled with white t-shirts and blue name tags!   Truly a force to be reckoned with as we and the many children spoke to the council.  This is a great START and a foot in the right direction for sure.  For the second reading of this ordinance you can bet your bottom dollar that oil and gas as well as COGA and COGCC will be there with reinforcements to counter our attempts at curtailing their damaging effects.  The pressure will be placed squarely on our city council’s shoulders….we’re watching!  As always you can watch the festivities on our Commerce City website under the video section.

The second bite that could envelop the entire elephant in one fail swoop is attached.  The Protect Colorado Water initiative are the brainchild of our beloved Phil Doe and Wes Wilson from Be the Change.  There is a fund raising gala and silent auction at the Mercury Café this Wednesday (details contained below and attached).

These initiatives would:

Reclaim public ownership of water, as originally asserted in our CO Constitution and grant right of public access to the rivers


  • Clarify that water use rights don’t include the right to completely contaminate our water, rendering it unusable.

By passing the two water initiatives we would deliver the final blow to oil and gas and their suitcases full of money for good.  Hydraulic fracturing requires millions and millions of gallons of water that can never be re-introduced hydrologically.  I personally have petitions that I am circulating and want every single one of your signatures on them!  If I don’t come knocking on your door, please come to my door and knock!  We need A LOT of signatures!  To learn more, volunteer or donate please go to :


Stay tuned……..


Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”










Jodee Brekke