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The answer is, ‘one bite at a time’

That being said, I am happy to report that tonight (only moments ago) the Commerce City Council has passed the 1st reading of Ordinance 1891which amends the city’s land development code to revise and add regulations relating to subsurface extraction and oil and gas exploration.  Colorado Oil and Gas made their anticipated appearance to express their […]

King Soopers’ 104th Avenue Megastore goes on display for the Press

June 22, 2012.  Commerce City North. You’ll have to continue to remind yourself of your whereabouts the first dozen or so times you visit the new King Soopers Marketplace location at 104th & Chambers Road in northern Commerce City.  Built in the spirit of just several other stores like it, this sprawling 123,000 square feet […]

A Gateway News Article by Karl Emmerich. June, 2012. Adams County District Attorney, Don Quick had hoped to recruit a new prosecutor with particular experience in homicides from the Colorado Springs vicinity. Considerably larger than Adams County, the Colorado Springs jurisdiction held promise of a professional experienced in investigations and prosecutions of crimes our county […]

Open Letter of Endorsement for Kaarl Hoopes — by Jan Pawlowski

Letter to the Editor: As the time for the Primary balloting draws near  for Adams County candidates,  I am writing to ask a special favor of my many Republican friends. Please mark your ballots for Kaarl Hoopes (pronounced Carl Hoops) for District 1 Adams County Commissioner.   Kaarl comes from a diverse background that includes […]

Signs of Dirty Campaigning

Signs of Dirty Campaigning   By Karen Hoopes I had to conclude that it wasn’t the wind.  I stood there staring at the gaping hole where our 8×4 ft County Commissioner campaign sign once hung.  Like a hunter I knelt and surveyed the landscape looking for clues.  The ground revealed no evidence of natural cause.  […]

Eva Henry — An Interview with Thornton Mayor Pro Tem & Adco Commissioner Candidate

Q: What are the ideal qualifications for a candidate running for Commissioner in Adams County?   A: First of all, being able to put the past in the past and start looking toward the future… one of the things that I will be able to do is that I have relationships to be able to […]

FRACTURED FRACKING FAIRY TALES —Opinion Article by Editor Kathy McIntyre

When you do a google search on just the word “fracking”, there are 12,200,000 hits. I have not had time to read all of them. And I won’t take the time obviously, but I have done my homework and I want to share some of what I have found and seen and experienced. My fracking […]

Dave Young, Candidate for Adams County DA

Kaarl Hoopes

Candidate for Adams County Commissioner, Kaarl Hoopes

Eva Henry

Eva Henry, Thornton Mayor Pro Tem and Candidate for Adams County Commissioner.

Adams County Commissioner Candidate, Kaarl Hoopes over a cup of coffee

I sat down with Adams County Commissioner Candidate, Kaarl Hoopes, over a cup of coffee and some direct chat about his candidacy.