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The Colorado Career Project hosts and sponsors community recruitment events.  We host the largest, most prolific events and opportunities for employers to meet and integrate with the largest number of ideal candidates.   CCP is more than a pretty face.  We publish the Colorado Career Book, an employment guide, ad, and feature publication for the Colorado Market and provide dramatic opportunities for employers to integrate with the communities they recruit from —from high schools to colleges to business and government.   This is CCP.  Find out more.  Call (303) 287-6064 or email:  CCG@ColoradoBusinessAlliance.com

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Did you Miss the Career Fair?

You missed something amazing.  52 employers with thousands of immediately hirable jobs and careers – companies like Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Safeway Stores, and Wells Fargo.  

But don’t worry.  CCP will still let you get the Colorado Career Book and upload our resume to all 52+ companies.   

The Colorado Career Book ™ is the CCP Career Fair Guide and contains nearly all 52 company contacts



Mail: ccg@coloradobusinessalliance.com?subject=CCP Career Placement


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