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Shopology gives you cash from member/family/friend purchases.

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This is Shopology.

It happens every day—every moment of every day, actually. People go into a store or   restaurant and buy lunch, dinner, or anything from   fabric softener to a fantastic new hair cut.  It's a way of life for most of us to hand over a credit or debit card to make the purchase.  But with Shopology, the “new normal” is now being defined based on what happens after the card is swiped.

Community by community, Shopology is giving charities (school foundations,  churches, food banks, animal shelters, etc.) a chance to cooperatize the purchasing power of their supporter base and provide themselves a whole new measure of perpetual income.  

...And every time a sale chings, a charity gets its things.®   When a charity supporter registers their credit or debit card with Shopology and to a charity beneficiary, they can shop-to-benefit.   A portion of pre-determined store sales is then ectronically processed by Shopology and donated to the charity to which the given consumer is registered.  

Merchants love Shopology because average purchases are 30% higher and 3-times more frequent for Shopology-registered consumers.   What’s more, Shopology is “invisible”.  Donations are only paid for purchases made by Shopology-registered consumers.  Shopology is  a true merchant formula for extended profit.     

From a charity’s perspective, perpetual streams of cash deposits can fund a youth summer camp, finance new equipment, and even hire new employees.

Shopology is “win-win-win” for merchant, charity, and consumer, and is set to also make a big economic difference across the cities and towns of Colorado and the United States, where it will score yet another “win” by keeping more money in our communities.


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