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Home Energy Diagnostics -- An Exclusive Gateway News Feature

(Repost) Two years ago the Gateway News tracked veteran home diagnostician, "Wellhome" on a home energy diagnostic. What we found was surprising but served as a valuable step toward making our own homes more energy efficient. Before you spend money on contractors, consider an energy diagnostic which can save you money not only on energy but on having to redo the work of your contractor, too. (CLICK BELOW FOR A LINK TO THE COMPLETE EDITORIAL FEATURE)
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Is the American West the new Saudi Arabia? -- Article by the Denver Post

The American West is awash in oil and natural gas and by 2020 could produce more energy than the country currently imports from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Venezuela, Colombia, Algeria, Nigeria and Russia. The only thing standing in the way, according to a study by the Western Energy Alliance, a Rocky Mountain oil and gas trade group, is the federal government or to be specific – “bureaucratic red tape, redundant and burdensome regulations and the specter of litigation.” (For complete article see link below)...
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Big solar plants on western public land could power 7 million homes -- Article by the Denver Post

The Department of Interior has made 285,000 acres at 17 sites in six western states, including four in Colorado, Solar Energy Zones where development of utility-scale solar projects can be fast tracked. The aim of the zones is “facilitating faster, smarter utility-scale solar development on America’s public lands,” Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, said in a statement. (See link below for complete article)...
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WPX Energy plumbs Western Colorado for new shale gas deposits -- Article by the Denver Post

While the oil-rich Niobrara shale in eastern Colorado has grabbed headlines, WPX Energy says it has been exploring the formation in the western part of the state and found new shale gas reserves. After drilling two horizontal wells in the San Juan Basin in 2010 and finding an estimated 1.3 trillion cubic feet of proved, probable and possible reserves, WPX headed north the Piceance Basin. (See Link below for full article)...
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How Hydro Electric Power works -- Article by Xcel Energy

Hydroelectric generation begins with a forceful, rushing river or with a dam that holds back a river and diverts flow. Falling water flows through propeller-like turbines and causes them to rotate. The rotation of these turbines spins generators to produce electricity. The amount of electricity generated from each unit is determined largely by volume of water flow and "head," or the height from the water surface at the dam reservoir to the water surface downstream....
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How Biomass Works -- Article by Xcel Energy

The energy from waste products – such as wood and agricultural waste and garbage – all can be used to produce electricity. Wood waste can be burned as is, or converted to a gas and burned in a boiler to produce heat for converting water to steam to run a generator. The same is true for garbage – it can be turned into refuse-derived fuel and burned in a power plant boiler. As garbage or animal waste decays in a landfill or agricultural operation, it produces methane gas, which can be used as a fuel, similar to natural gas, to produce electricity....
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Colorado Integrated Solar Project -- Article by Xcel Energy

A hybrid solar-coal approach can increase plant efficiency. In spring of 2010, Xcel Energy began testing a first-of-its-kind demonstration of a hybrid solar-coal approach, using parabolic-trough solar technology integrated with a coal-fired power plant. The project, located at our Cameo Generating Plant near Grand Junction, Colo., was designed to: Increase the plant’s efficiency Decrease the use of coal Test the commercial viability of concentrating solar power thermal integration Lower carbon dioxide emissions...
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Colorado Wind Power -- How are we doing? -- Courtesy, Xcel Energy

We continue to grow our use of wind power in Colorado. Xcel Energy built Colorado's first commercial wind farm in the late 1990s, the 32-megawatt Ponnequin Wind Farm in northern Colorado. Since then, we have grown our use of wind power in Colorado to about 1,770 megawatts, with more under way....
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United Power Reaches 70,000 Meter Milestone

United Power recently achieved a growth milestone reaching a total of 70,000 electric meters served. United Power is the second largest cooperative in Colorado and, despite slowing in construction, remains among the fastest growing electric cooperatives in the country....
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The Difference between Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory energy efficiency is, “using less energy to provide the same service”1....
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