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Earn an Easy $30 on United Power's Cycled Air Program

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Earn an Easy $30 on United Power's Cycled Air Program

If you have central air conditioning, you can receive a $30 bill credit when you sign up for our Cycled Air program. Cycled Air is a program that helps your electric cooperative reduce peak energy consumption and control expensive peak costs.

As a participant of the Cycled Air
program, we will share those savings
with you as a $30 credit on your electric
bill at the end of the summer each year
you participate. Be a part of the energy
solution and get paid for your efforts!
What is peak demand?

During the course of everyday, there
are times when our customers demand
more energy. For our cooperative, those
times are during hot summer days, when
customers come home from work and flip
on multiple appliances like their stove,
television and air conditioner. Since we
have to build additional power plants to
meet this energy demand, this adds to
the cost of power for every customer. By
managing peak demand, we can delay the
need to build additional power plants.
How does the Cycled Air
program work?

When you sign up, we’ll install a device
near your air conditioner or heat pump
that will allow us to cycle the compressor
on and off at short intervals—generally
for just 15 to 20 minutes at a time. We
will only cycle your air conditioner on
high demand days during the summer
months. Cycling will not harm your air
conditioner, heat pump or thermostat.
Will I still be comfortable?

While your compressor is cycling, the fan
inside your home will continue to operate,
which will keep already cooled air moving
through your home. Typically indoor
temperatures may only change one to two
degrees. Most people don’t even notice
when their compressor is cycling.

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