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School District 27J plans detailed security review, improvements

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School District 27J plans detailed security review, improvements

Brighton, Jan. 16, 2013 –School District 27J will install computerized visitor screening systems at all district schools as part of a district-wide review of safety and security protocols.


                The screening system will require school visitors to present a driver’s license or state-issued identification. It then conducts a brief security screening before printing a visitor badge with the individual’s photo.

                In addition to the district-wide implementation of the system, each district school is being reviewed for potential security improvements. The varied age of the district’s school buildings present unique security concerns.
                “We’re conducting walk-throughs of each school with principals to determine opportunities for improvements,” said Chief Operations Officer Terry Lucero. “Any relatively simple steps we can take to improve school security are being implemented quickly. Other recommendations may require significant planning and funding.”
                While the addition of the visitor screening system and school-by-school security improvements will serve as added deterrents, Lucero added that no systems are as effective without the cooperation of parents and the community.
                “We’ve encouraged our school staffs to approach the daily job of school security with an increased vigilance,” he said. “We want our parents and community members to do the same as they are checking in at the front office of their school, and to follow more protective security protocols. We need to work together to keep our schools safe.
                “Over the past month, I have been contacted by many parents seeking reassurance that we are taking the necessary steps to keep their children safe each day at school,” added 27J Superintendent of Schools Dr. Chris Fiedler. “While School District 27J has always made the safety and security of our students and staff a top priority, this is a prudent time to make these additions and changes to our building security.”

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