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"Dear Honorable Commissioners..." -- An Open Letter to Adams County Commissioners

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Citizen letter to Adams County Commissioners regarding Aerotropolis development


Dear Honorable Commissioners,

I had the pleasure of attending the North Metro Chambers Meeting regarding the proposed DIA Aerotropolis. As a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Comprehensive Plan in Commerce City, I was both shocked and dismayed to see the very plans we had worked so hard on for our city projected on the screen that morning, as they had now been relocated to the Airport property.

The time has come to demand our ramp to Pena that was promised to us and is now due without hidden agendas and poor excuses, and the opportunity for the development that was part of the agreement made long ago. Denver and DIA obviously want it all, and are poised to move if we don't take a stance for what is rightfully due to us. Have we waited patiently in good faith, only to have it stripped from us by an Administration that feels entitled? I should think not.

As your constituent and a concerned Commerce City and Adams County citizen, I urge you NOT to make ANY concessions or compromises on the DIA IGA. I can assure you, if we were to give Denver even an indication of a nod, it will prove to be economic suicide for the planned Tower Road corridor and the future of Commerce City. I, for one, am tired of backing down and taking the scraps. Even a compromise for revenue sharing is not the answer, especially for Commerce City. We voted to allow them annexation of this land in good faith, now it is time to make sure we get what we were promised. We are good people in Commerce City, but enough is enough. Stand strong. As our elected officials, it is your sworn duty to serve the best interests of the people of this county, including those of us in Commerce City. Compromise and/or some kind of weak agreement for revenue sharing is not the answer. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Kristi Douglas

Commerce City, Colorado

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