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North Metro Area Water Suppliers Request Resident Reduction in Water Usage ... But here's the hypocracy

The North Metro Area Water Suppliers have requested that you, the consumer-resident, reduce your water consumption. But consider that this request comes at the heels of organizations such as South Adams County Water & Sanitation District having sold water to oil and gas interests for the purpose of 'fracking'. While the City of Denver has prohibited such wasteful use of water, SACWSD has sold YOUR water for a procedure that's extremely controversial and potentially dangerous. WHAT DO YOU THINK? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO BLOG AND POLL ON THIS ISSUE
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The Toxic Substance of Colorado's Governor -- An Opinion Article

I know how Nike felt, watching someone assume a level of notoriety and social power in the Tour de France, only to discover their dependence on artificial, detrimental, and publicly embarrassing substances. But unlike Nike, I have no ads to pull, no sponsorships to remove and no prime time tribunal like Oprah Winfrey to run the paces of John Hickenlooper through. The best I can say is that like a prom gone bad, I, like many Coloradans, may have kissed the wrong candidate. ...
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Truancy court as a last resort -- Denver Post Editorial Comment

Commerce City should consider a system of community and school interventions before sending truant children to court. ...
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Tomorrow’s State of the State Address Top three concerns of Colorado small-business owners

DENVER, Colo., Jan. 9, 2013—On the eve of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s State-of-the-State Address, the representative group for Colorado’s biggest employer – small-business owners – released the top three concerns it would like to hear addressed in the governor’s speech....
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