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Congratulations to ... Adams County. [Opinion Piece by the Gateway News]

Congratulations are in order to the People of Adams County for your discernment in electing the right candidates. You voted not down party lines but along the lines of humanism, respect, and tolerance. Yours was a vote for the people and a vote against politics-as-usual cloaked in the campaign of ‘reform ’funded with money-as-usual. The size of campaign signs mattered little to you and so did vacuous degrees, credentials, and certificates. Instead, personal honesty and care for the community were given the clear vote.
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Gateway News Originals -- "Walmart to come?"

At the heart of the request of Commerce City's northern range in the last decade, was "some sort of" development for the 104th corridor. 104th Avenue, seemed, was widened without much hope of accompanying development (until of course, the new "super" King Soopers emerged in 2012). And for years, Walmart's dibs on the land at 104th & Tower Road drew hope, patience, anticipation, anxiety, and ultimately, it seems, politically-attempted anger (in that order) toward Walmart by our then-city Manager.......
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