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Are You Missing Something?

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"Public Notice" pulled from the dirt & gravel of a 96th & Tower Road "bootleg realty" sign "Public Notice" pulled from the dirt & gravel of a 96th & Tower Road "bootleg realty" sign

We’ll bet most of the northern range is. But the operable question is whether or not your not having seen the most recent public notice was intended for you to not take notice.

Tonight, the City of Commerce City’s council agenda provides for the discussion of something you might call a ‘hot topic’ – particularly if it involves the potential explosion of a methane pipeline in your neighborhood. 

More specifically, the City of Commerce City is set to discuss whether to allow Xcel Energy to bury a methane pipeline directly under the above-ground powerline architecture that bisects Reunion and Reunion Southlawn communities.   It’s a decision that ought to concern every resident in the north or at least those within the so-called, “blast-zone”, the geographic area most impacted should the intended methane pipeline explode like others have in the past.

Mens Wearhouses once touted their locations in their sales pitch as being ‘inconveniently located’. The ads were clever.   But they surrounded apparel -- suits and ties that bear little tendency to blow-up, pose a health and security risk, or fall under the auspices and dictate of Colorado Revised Statutes — like oil and gas pipeline development disclosures. 

TITLE 24 - ARTICLE 6 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (“ Colorado Sunshine Law”) provides that: “... The public place or places for posting such notice shall be designated annually at the local public body's first regular meeting of each calendar year. The posting shall include specific agenda information where possible...”

One of the designated sites for public notice postings is the Reunion Recreation Center, where we indeed found this afternoon, public notices.  But “noticeably” absence was tonight’s agenda (attached), perhaps the most important notice of the next decade or our lifetimes, whichever comes first.

Our message to all local residents is to “get involved”.   But we recognize that this might not be possible unless you would have first seen the Xcel public notice (which we are re-publishing for you).  This is not to say that you don’t regularly walk on the eastern side of Tower Road or along the 96th/Tower intersection, where you might otherwise have seen the public notices, pasted to the front of a makeshift realty sign amidst gravel and weeds.  

Our request is two-fold.  For the City of Commerce City, we request the cancellation of a public meeting agenda that may be illegal due to its non-conformity to a Colorado Revised Statute.  Secondarily, for the people of Commerce City, please take notice of not just a methane pipeline, but the danger of your right-to-know being usurped.  

Call your councilmen regarding the pipeline and the City of Commerce City about their decision not to post public notices that concern you.   For the notice you didn’t see: Steve Timms, (303) 227-8816,    For your voice to Council:    Councilman Jim Benson: (303) 288-7011;   Councilman Jason McEldowney: (303) 808-9105.    

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