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Gateway News Originals -- "Walmart to come?"

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Gateway News Originals -- "Walmart to come?"

At the heart of the request of Commerce City's northern range in the last decade, was "some sort of" development for the 104th corridor. 104th Avenue, seemed, was widened without much hope of accompanying development (until of course, the new "super" King Soopers emerged in 2012). And for years, Walmart's dibs on the land at 104th & Tower Road drew hope, patience, anticipation, anxiety, and ultimately, it seems, politically-attempted anger (in that order) toward Walmart by our then-city Manager....

The firey letter by the City of Commerce City drew little notice by Walmart but attempted to scold them for their lack of response while instructing them about their responsibilities in the matter....     

The rarity of a letter of this type deserves however to be 'bronzed' in a form that pays appropriate homage.   So in 2010, Webmaster Dustie McIntyre asked a cartoon character to orate the diplomatic words of the original letter that was sent to Arkansas -- along with of course, some enhancing and appropriately-placed sound effects.  (CLICK LINK BELOW)

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