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Gateway Gold Classifieds

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Gateway Gold Classifieds

Gateway Gold Classifieds are a new way to sell your products and services online. With over 240,000 hits/month (June, 2012), Gateway Gold gives you the exposure you need! Gateway Gold is a self-use application that is FREE for your first use and then starts at just $5 for 30 days. Credit cards are not required (you may simply send a check to the Gateway News). "Gateway Gold" is listed under "Classifieds" on the main heading of the Gateway News site (SEE ALSO LINK BELOW)

"Marketplace" vs. "Gateway Gold".

Marketplace is a FREE alternative to you.  It acts more like a bulletin board.  It is not as dynamic, does not keep you as well-informed of interested purchasers, and does not represent as many categories.

However, it's FREE and may be just what you need.


If you're looking for major exposure, keep in mind that Gateway Gold ads are accessible to twitter, facebook, and Google searches.  It's a powerful tool that starts at just $5 for 30 days.

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